Top 3 competitors for Tesla semi-trucks so far in 2018

Elon Musk’s tesla truck has been slowly putting their trucks to action in 2018. On August 24, a tesla truck was spotted “driving across the country alone in St. Louis, Missouri visiting Anheuser-Busch, who has already ordered 40 tesla semi-trucks for themselves. That same truck was then spotted in Oklahoma, then in Texas, and California. Elon musk recently tweeted about this and said that the truck was “driven across the country alone… using the existing Tesla Supercharger network” Which means that the truck can drive on its own and only needs an observing driver and no escorts. There is still no set date to when these trucks will be available for sale, it is looking promising as large companies such as Wal-Mart and J.B Hunt have already set pre orders for these big rigs and are more than ready to start using them.


However, Tesla isn’t the only one out there trying to revolutionize the trucking industry. We at Truck City Chrome have created a list of companies that have a good chance to get their slice of the market when they roll out their trucks.

1. Nikola

nikola semi truck

Named after Nikola Tesla, just like Elon musk’s company, are two planned class 8 semi-trucks with Bosch that will use both electric power and hydrogen fuel cells. The company claims that their trucks can provide truckers with a range of 1,200 miles PER charge. Their goal is more focused on reducing emissions and going the distance than creating a self-driving truck like Tesla. Nikola trucks are looking to hit the market in 2021.


mercedes-benz semi truck

Mercedes-Benz is getting Daimler to develop 2 models 18 and 26 tons for the German market. They are called e-Actro trucks. They are battery-electric big rigs that offer drive assisting when operating the vehicle. It still needs a driver to operate the vehicle, but making it as safe as possible for the driver with their new Active Drive Assist technology.

3.Volkswagen/Traton Group

Volkswagen semi truck

Volkswagen is developing their models of semi-trucks that are environment friendly and implanting tech from Traton Group. This would include automated driving, connected drivers across European roads, and using only electric batteries for their fuel. They set to release their big rigs in 2025.


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